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The Nation: Sirajul Haq Memon paid glowing tribute


KARACHI  – Scores of renowned writers and scholars eulogised the services of famous novelist and journalist Sirajul Haq Memon in the field of literature and journalism.

A literary conference was organised on Sunday in his memory at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.

“Siraj wrote novels like ‘Paraado Soi Sadd’, many stories reflecting atrocities with Sindh and its people besides writing thought-provoking articles and editorials in various newspapers that got major response from literary and social people of the province,” the speakers said.

Eminent writer Amar Jaleel paid glowing tribute to Siraj Memon for his innovative works for boosting Sindhi language and safeguarding rights of the province. He said, “Siraj was a backdrop for me because he was the man who led me to the literature heights. Siraj had a great power to write novels, stories, columns and other write-ups.”

He further said, “Siraj was also a bold and daring journalist who highlighted issues of Sindh in real manner and also provided me a chance to write on issues of the province in Hilal Pakistan.”

Amar Jaleel said that PPP patron-in-chief late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto also liked Siraj for having powerful writing skills and took him along at various occasions.

Amar Jaleel called for bringing out two books of Siraj – one on his editorials and other on his stories published during his life time. He said that since inception of Pakistan, Sindh had faced tremendous downfalls in various sectors of life, while Balochistan and even Khyber Pakhtunkhwah had made significant progress during this era.

“It is our own people who have inflicted colossal losses on Sindh,” he observed. He said that many schools in Sindh had been closed due to acts of Pirs, Sardars, feudal lords and other rich class people who got easy access to assemblies soon after the establishment of Pakistan.

“These rich people got more freedom than common ones after Pakistan came into being.”

Acting Governor Sindh and Speaker Provincial Assembly Nisar Ahmed Khuhro also hailed the literary services of Siraj Memon. He said that Siraj was a daring writer and he had a great sense of writing on issues. Khuhro asked bereaved family members to continue literary work like their great writer so as to retain the name of his family.

Nazir Leghari, a noted journalist, said that Siraj Memon worked with dedication and commitment in literature and journalism throughout his whole life.  “He had command on linguistic as he was the only writer in Sindh who had such a capability. Memon was also rich in the field of journalism who set aspects of news making and elaborated its guts in well manner, besides telling how a story should be written. Siraj was also a great lawyer,” Leghari concluded.

Ghulam Nabi Mughal, a well-known writer, said that Siraj was a great scholar of Sindh. Memon joined Hilal Pakistan newspaper as Editor and gave it a great name. He was a careful, caring and loving person in the literary field.

Noted personalities Dr Suleman Shaikh, Advocate Rochi Ram, Mazhar Jameel, Qasim Bughio and Ex-VC Sindh University Mazharul Siddiqui also spoke on the occasion.



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