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Siraj wrote a number of books, translations and numerous articles.

Parado soyee sadd’ (1979), a historical novel depicting the tyrannical rule of Tarkhans and Arghuns on Sindh in 17 AD.
Sindhi Boli (1964), a book on the origin and evolution of the Sindhi language,
Athon Marhoon (1985), a collection of stories
Dakhan maan tho sij ubhre (1953),
Sindh ji iqtasadi tarikh (1958),
Choond Amerki afsana (1958), a translation of American novels in association with Agro,
Ai dard hali aoo (1961), a collection of short stories,
Muhinji duniya haikal viyakul (1988),
Tuhinji duniya sabh rang sanwal (1989),
Muhinji duniya mirgh trishna (1990).

Siraj Memon wrote five novels, but three of his novels – Parrado Soyoi Sadd (The Echo and the Call are the Same), Maran Moun Se Aa (Come die with me) and Tunhji Dunya Sabh Rang Sanwal (Your Life has all the Colours) – are considered to be some of the most widely acclaimed novels in Sindhi literature.

Siraj also translated T. S. Eliot in Urdu.

He authored a book on the Memon community of the Subcontinent, which he himself belonged to.

He was also the chief editor of the Oxford Sindhi dictionary, which was compiled in 2010.

Siraj authored numerous articles in various publications. These are now in process of being compiled and will be added to this website.

[Note: This page is still work in progress. Complete details on each book will be updated in due course.]

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