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Dawn: Tribute Paid to Siraj


Hyderabad, Feb 14: Describing Sirajul Haq Memon as a renowned scholar and author, speakers at a condolence reference said on Thursday that research must be conducted on the personality and literary works of Mr Memon for the benefit of the new generation.



بي بي سي سنڌي: انگريز وڃڻ بعد بگهڙ ٻاهر نڪري آيا، جن سنڌ کي برباد ڪري ڇڏيو: امر جليل

ڪراچي سنڌ جي ناليوارن اديبن، شاعرن ۽ ليکڪن چيو آهي ته سراج الحق ميمڻ، سنڌ ۽ سنڌي ٻولي سان اتساهه پيار ڪندو هو، هن جديد صحافت جو بنياد وڌو، سندس وڃڻ سان جيڪو خال پيدا ٿيو آهي اهو سندس تحريرن جي صورت ۾ اسان وٽ زندهه رهندو، اهڙو اظهار هنن ڪالهه هتي آرٽس ڪائونسل آف پاڪستان پاران سراج الحق ميمڻ جي ياد ۾ ڪرايل ادبي ريفرنس ۾ ڪيو، ان موقعي تي صدارتي خطاب ڪندي ناليوارو اديب ۽ ڪهاڻيڪار امر جليل چيو ته سراج الحق مون کي ڪالم نگار بڻايو، ان کان پهريان آئون ڪهاڻيڪار هيس، سراج الحق اسان کان اڳ واري ادبي لڏي جو طاقتور قلمڪار هو، مون هن سان 7 سال گڏجي اخبار ۾ ڪم ڪيو، هن ٻڌايو ته ڪالم لکڻ تي سرڪار طرفان گرفتاري جا وارنٽ نڪتا پر سراج مون کي گرفتار ٿيڻ کان بچائي ورتو نه ته اڄ توهان جي سامهون نه هجان ها، هن چيو ته سراج اڪثر چوندو هو ته اهو لکو ته سنڌ جي تباهي جو ذميوار ڪير آهي؟ (more…)

The News: Time to revive Sindhi writer’s dream

A literary reference held on Sunday for late author, scholar, linguist and lawyer Sirajul Haq Memon (1933-2013) renewed calls to set up a modern university the late editor of Hilal-e-Pakistan had envisioned.

Memon had even donated his property in Hyderabad, where Sindh Education Trust was housed, and also deposited Rs2million as seed money for his dream project in the 1990s, speakers at the Arts Council pointed out. They urged the provincial government to set up a memorial in name of the prominent intellectual who passed away on February 2. (more…)

The Nation: Sirajul Haq Memon paid glowing tribute

KARACHI  – Scores of renowned writers and scholars eulogised the services of famous novelist and journalist Sirajul Haq Memon in the field of literature and journalism.

A literary conference was organised on Sunday in his memory at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. (more…)

In memorium: Sindh’s literary geniuses give Sirajul Haq Memon all the credit

KARACHI: “Sirajul Haq Memon made me a courageous man, and I am proud to say he had my back.”

A renowned writer, columnist and fiction-writer, Amar Jaleel, admitted to an audience full of literary luminaries that he won’t be the writer he has become if it was not for Memon. Nearly all of Sindh’s literary geniuses gathered at Karachi Arts Council on Sunday afternoon to remember their inspiration, who passed away earlier this month. (more…)

….هن کي سنڌ صدين تائين ياد رکندي

سراج جنهن جو وجود ته هڪ فرد جهڙو ئي هو پر سندس زندگي جا ڪيترائي پهلو هئا ۽ هُو هر پهلو تي ڪامياب ۽ ثابت قدم رهيو جيڪا حقيقت سندس وڏي قدآور شخصيت هئڻ جي علامت هئي، هُو غير متضاد انسان هو، سياسي ٺڳي ٺوڙين کان پري هو هڪ ئي وقت فڪري حوالي سان سائين جي ايم سيد جو فڪري ساٿي به هو ته ڪن معاملن ۾ ذوالفقار علي ڀٽي جي به ويجهو رهيو ۽ رسول بخش پليجي سان سندس گهرا تعلقات رهيا، هُن هر رشتي جو ڀرم رکي ان کي خوب نڀايو، ذوالفقار علي ڀٽي پاران مليل هلال پاڪستان واري ذميواري کي نڀائيندي هُو ان اخبار سان نه فقط واڳيل رهيو پر اخبار جي ڪاميابي لاءِ جاکوڙ به ڪئي ۽ ٻئي پاسي پنهنجي تمام ويجهي ساٿي ۽ هن صدي جي ٻئي قدآوار شخصيت سائين محمد ابراهيم جويي سان سيد واري فڪري سوچ تي رهاڻيون به ڪندو رهيو ۽ رسول بخش پليجي سان به دوستي واري رشتي جي رسي به مضبوطي سان جهليو بيٺو رهيو (more…)

Pakistan Observer: Condolence Reference

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 – Hyderabad— Bazme Roh Rahan organised acondolence reference in memory of renowned writer, recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz and senior advocate of the Supreme Court late Siraj-ul-Haq Memon here on Monday. Speaking at thecondolence reference President of Bazme Roh Rahan Hameed Sindhi expressed his deep grief and sorrow over the demise of renowned writer and novelist Siraj- ul- Haq Memon. He said that he worked as the editor with Hilal-e-Pakistan, a Sindhi daily, which was owned by the government during the regime of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and he wrote stories and books in Sindhi languages. Kazi Khadim Hussain paid tribute to Siraj- ul- Haq Memon for his services to Sindhi literature.—APP